More About AVUREFA


ASPIRATION FOR VULNERABLE REHABILITATED FAMILIES (AVUREFA) is a registered NGO in Tanzania that supports vulnerable families, children and young people. AVUREFA recognizes the efforts of the government and other NGOs to address and solve the needs and problems of vulnerable children and young people in Tanzania. However, we must participate in the efforts and build strong community relationships. We want to play a significant role in promoting awareness and understanding of issues and developments related to education and the welfare of vulnerable families in order to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people in Tanzania. The organization aims to meet these needs. With this goal, the organization AVUREFA was established to support and educate young vulnerable children and adolescents and children and adolescents from poor families. First, a screening is conducted to determine who is most in need.

AVUREFA believes and commits itself to improve community life in all aspect of social and economical needs while observe equality, justice, accountability, collective responsibility, transparence, integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, dignity, and community.

Avurefa wants to improve living standard of the vulnerable families in health, economy and fight against discrimination through awareness creation on efficient

and effective utilization of available resources in the society.


AVUREFA aims to become an organization that supports the community, vulnerable families in the areas of health, entrepreneurial

skills, protecting their rights for better livelihoods and making the community a better place for children with disabilities.