Elimu Bora

The aim of the project is to improve and standardize the system at schools. In addition, the processes for teachers will be made more efficient and simplified. For this purpose, the examination sheets will be prepared and standardized so that they can be used annually. Solution books to the task books will be made available. The documents are stored electronically so that all teachers can access them at any time. The timetable is regularly checked and, if necessary, adjusted so that the teachers can be allocated accordingly. School children will be provided with sufficient school supplies, such as pencil and paper. In addition, free periods will be used efficiently for homework and/or tutoring.

With this interventions we aim to improve the learning effect of the school children, because the teachers have more time to support the children individually. This will help also in schools with inclusive education for children with special needs. It also helps to prevent disadvanages due to missing or insufficient teaching or school materials. The digitalization of the documents allow to standardize the exams and school content and improve the teachers’ collaboration.