Football match in Moshi

Last Sunday our football team from the kijana kwanza project was invited by some friends from Moshi for a friendly football match. We were lucky the weather was good in Moshi as it was not raining, the game was planned to start around 12:30 pm. The team was ready but not all of them made it to join the group, because it was Sunday and they had to go church and others were preparing themselves for the end of the year exams
which were to take place on Monday. Luckily we were joined by some friends. The game started as we planned, it was a little bit tough as the other team was prepared better. They are used of the environment, the weather and also the football pitch was not new for them as it was for us. The game ended and we were defeated by 3-1. The other team prepared lunch for us and some soda and snacks. Their hospitality to us was incredible, we really enjoyed and hopefully we are going to plan for the rematch very soon. We lost the game but it was a very good challenge for us and we got a very good lesson from the other team and we are going to improve and correct our mistakes during our training days. It was a very good day for everyone as it was our very first time to travel this distance as the team. Despite the challenges and the defeat we thank God for the safe journey and that everyone got home safely.

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