About Gate Way Rehabilitation Centre

Gate Way Rehabilitation Centre is a center/home for children/adolescents with disabilities, founded in 2021. Children and adolescents are accepted who would otherwise have no or only limited opportunities for education. At the center, they are provided with food, shelter, access to health services, school attendance and skills training. The goal is to give them the chance for the best possible future. It is important to us that the children are integrated into the normal schools or schools for children with special needs and that the school does not take place in the center itself. We want to get the children included and not separated from the community. Therfore, they can also go home during the holidays and spend time with their families if they wish. In addition, the families of those affected are to be educated and informed to the extent that they in turn can sensitize and advise families of children with disabilities. At present, seven children/adolescents live at the center and are looked after by a young woman.

During the week, the children/adolescents are driven to school in the morning and picked up again in the afternoon or evening and brought back to the center. In the evenings and on weekends, the children are at the Gate Way Rehabilitation Center and engage in various activities.

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Children/Adolescents at Gate Way Rehabilitation Center


Norah is 11 years old. She has spina bifida and was born with clump feet. She has some problems with fine motor skills and speaking.


Gideon is nine years old. He is blind, due to several surgeries he had when he was one year old, because of a brain tumor.


Nuru is 10 years old. She has a hearing and speaking disability. Her parents used to hide her inside the house, because of her disability.


Elizabeth is 8 years old. She grew up in Singida with her grandmother. Since she was born she is deaf and dumb.

John Kireyani

John is 8 years old. He was born blind. Also his mother and some siblings are blind. He comes from Ngorongoro region.


Lengiteng is 10 years old. While playing with some friends he was hit by a car in 2023 and got blind. He grew up in Ngorongoro region.


Hyrath is 6 years old. She has deformed bones from her legs and arms which make her unpossible to walk. Also suffers a lack of vitamine C.


Jenipher is 20 years old. She is deaf and dumb. There was no adjustable school close to where she used to live with her family.


Joseph is 17 years old. He has cerebral palsy. From where he lived with his mother the way to school was really hard and often not possible.

This is what your donation can do

  • 20$ Can purchase enough diapers for one month for one child

  • 65$ is enough to pay for the school fees for 3 children for one month

  • 65$ pay the monthly salary for the driver who drives the children to school and back home every day

  • 130$ is enough to pay for the rent of the center for one month

  • 260$ is enough for fuel to bring the children/adolescents to school and back home for one month