About Kijana Kwanza

The project aims at youth empowerment and raise awareness of their involvement in the community activities through giving them education on social and life skills that can help them understand the importance of their participation in economic, political and social sectors in the community they live in. 

The project is currently working to provide more youth within Arusha with resources to allow them to learn beyond the organized classroom and engage in a range of activities that are offered in other parts of the world like music and sports. Our purpose is to build the foundation of the youth that not only they can be confident to stand up for their rights but also they can act on prevention measures on serious matters such as children rights abuse and violence and bad parenting.

We are eager to welcome volunteers who want to show something different, and who are interested in the growth of our program. We would also like to introduce more sports and encourage volunteers to bring any available materials from home that would not be readily accessible in Arusha. 
We are welcome to assist in organizing official games with neighboring community schools and are encouraged to engage as many areas of the region as possible with athletics such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. We are open to having a broad range of activities within our program and welcome athletes of all types.

The project also target to create job opportunity for the youth through their creativity and by using the resources in their community through acquired skills and knowledge from KIJANA KWANZA FOUNDATION to create better livelihood.