About Maisha Bora

In May 2021, the Maisha Bora project was founded in Arusha, Tanzania by the German Mirjam and the Tanzanian Prince. During her time as a volunteer in a preschool, where she was directly confronted with the childrens living conditions, Mirjam had the ideas for the project. Fortunately, her Tanzanian friend Prince liked the ideas and so the project was jointly launched. The project is supported by the Tanzanian organization Avurefa, where Prince is currently working. Maisha Bora is Swahili, means good life and is the heart of the project. We want to help families and their children to improve their standard of living and quality of life for a better life. Many families in Tanzania are poor and cannot afford a good education for their children and hardly meet basic needs. The families are supported to break out of thevulnerable situation and their children in particular should be given the chance to escape the negative cycle. The aim is to improve the economic situation of families and to provide a good education for children.

Many children in Tanzania have no or only limited access to education because their families cannot afford the costs. Although the government schools do not charge school fees, parents have to pay for school uniforms, school supplies and school bus, otherwise the children will be sent back home. Some parents cannot afford this, which is why the children cannot attend school, despite compulsory schooling. In addition, the children in the first 7 years have only basic English lessons. From the 8th grade onwards however, all lessons are taught in English. Many children are unable to meet this challenge or only with difficulty.

Maisha bora, with the help of sponsors, would like to give these children a good education and help them to a better future. We work with a private school where lessons are taught in English from the very beginning and emphasis is placed on good education. Unlike in government schools, different learning methods are used and individualized approaches are taken, as well as individual learning progress is taken into account. The corporal punishment, which is common in government schools, is rejected at this school. Instead, emphasis is placed on communication, empathy and parenting. The family atmosphere is an important cornerstone of this school. 

Sponsors can get in touch with their godchildren if desired. In addition, the sponsors are informed about the school career of the children and can thus get a direct insight into what their donations do.

The school fees include everything the children need to attend school. They will be provided with the school uniform, breakfast and lunch (this is not always ensured at home) as well as school bus and school books.

The school fees per year amount to 1.200.000Tsh. This amounts to a little more than 45 Dollar per month. There are small fluctuations due to the exchange rate. In addition, there are the fees for the international transfer. The money can be transferred on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis or once a year, directly to the account of the school or processed through the project. The school fees are incurred for 7-8 years, then the child can change to a government school without problems, if it is desired and there are only costs for school uniform, bus, material, etc.