About Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic means that a team of doctors, nurses, a pharmacist, lab technician, social workers and other health care professionals to a remote area. People living in these areas will get the announcement of the date and they can come and get a health check-up, medicines and a treatment for free. 

The project aims to reach vulnerable people in remote areas where where by one means or another it’s hard to be reached with all primary health support. The project will also raise awareness about health matters to vulnerable communities in different areas.

Mobile clinic is in high demand due to ever-increasing of chronic disease burdens and healthcare costs. Many illnesses disproportionately affect certain populations, due to disparities in healthcare access and social determinations of health. These disparities represent a key area to target in order to serve the lives and wellbeing of vulnerable communities. It is thus imperative for policymakers and health professional to develop innovative interventions that sustainably manage chronic diseases, promote preventative health, and improve health accessibility to most vulnerable groups.

In the effort to cope with health challenges, AVUREFA intends to launch a new program well-known as Mobile clinic since is of great importance in reaching vulnerable populations. The program will deliver services directly at the curbside in communities of need and flexibility adapting their services based on the changing needs of the target community. As a link between clinical and community settings, the program will address both medical and social determinants of health, tracking health issues on a community-wide level. Moreover the program will produce significant cost savings and represent a cost effective care delivery model that improves health outcomes in underserved groups. Which includes; young children, women, youth, elders and people lacking insurance. Typically the clinics will serve uninsured and lower-income individuals.

The program will also provide wide range of services tailored to community needs. Some function as comprehensive patient-centered medical homes, while others focus on specific diseases, such as checkup and measurement; Diagnosis and treatment; Providing medicine for patients; Providing health education; Patient from OPD (outpatient department) will be screened and referral for the patient with positive tests; Support care services and Counseling; and Monitoring and Evaluation.