New project coming up

Thanks to a generous donation, we can realize a dream and build our own home for our children from Gate Way. We started the construction of the Cevahir Center in November 2022. The children should be able to move into the new building in December 2023. It is a big compound with the Gate Way Center, a Kitchen and Laundra, an Office, a room for Physiotherapy, room for a daycare and a workshop. 

We will start a new project, the Gate Way Women Project. We want to give single mothers and early moms the opportunity to leave their children at the daycare at Cevahir Center. The children often experience violence when they are left alone at home because the mothers go to work. This should be prevented with this project. In addition, the mothers should have the opportunity to learn things that can provide them with an income. We want to offer them some sewing, cooking, soap making, decoration, English language and computer classes. We want to provide education, life skills and vocational training for early and/or single moms as well as their children.

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