About Nguvu ya Mama

Nguvu ya Mama is Swahili for Mother power. The aim of this project is to offer young mothers or single mothers in the region various courses to teach them different skills. At the beginning, all women take part in a short introduction to the project, where they can determine their interests. A workshop is then held where they are taught the basics of finance so that they can successfully implement what they have learnt, even when they will be working by themselves in the future. The women can join one of the following courses according to their interests. There are sewing classes where they learn how to make various everyday items (purses, cosmetic bags, etc.) to sell it on a local market or one day in their own shop. Another option is to learn how to make different breakfast bites like mandazi or scones to sell in the morning with tea and porridge in the neighbourhood or in shops. There will be a course on how to make beaded jewellery or accessories of all kinds and then sell them at markets or on the street.

Vision: Our vision is to support young or single mothers to become independent.

Mission: To support these women in learning new skills, so they can provide for themselves and their children independently.