Rose – How everything started

Rose was the reason that the director from AVUREFA, Eunice, came up with the idea to have this centre for children with disabilities. Rose had many different disabilities. She suffered from hydrocephalus, incontinence, paralyzed lower extremities and she was blind. Eunice heard about this girl and visited her at home. She lived in a small house in a poor neighborhood. She did not have a wheelchair, which means she moved with her hands on the ground. Moreover, her parents had no money to buy her new diapers regularly. The situation at home was not good. At first AVUREFA supported Rose at home. But soon Eunice saw that this was not much use and she could not go to school regularly. That’s when she came up with the idea of the Gate Way Rehabilitation Center. Rose, Norah and Jenipher were the first children at the center. In May 2022, Rose had to have emergency surgery to change the stunt in her head. About a week and a half after surgery, Rose was released from the hospital. Just two days later, water leaked from the wound in her head and she had to be hospitalized again. On Thursday, May 26, 2022, she was operated on again. Unfortunately, she did not wake up after the operation and passed away. On the following Saturday the funeral has already taken place. We, all members and children of Gate Way Rehabilitation Center miss the cheerful, loving and grateful Rose! She will always have a place in our hearts!

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