You would like to support us regularly and know what the money is used for? This is possible with a sponsorship. In addition, you can have a personal relationship with one of the children of Gate Way Rehabilitation Center

The cost of living here in Tanzania is less than in Europe. But still we have to be able to cover the living costs for the children in the Gate Way Rehabilitation Center. The costs include: Transportation to school, food and drink, medical care, school fees, caregivers and housing. The cost per child averages out to approximately $140 per month. With this amount, or even half or a quarter, you can help and support us.

Are you interested in a sponsorship or do you want to know more? Then contact Michelle on Whatsapp: +41 76 511 41 47

The sponsorship programm

  • The costs for transportation to school, food and drink, medical care, school fees, caregivers and housing are around $140 per month
  • Because $140 per month is a big amount we have the possibility to share the sponsorship, as you can see below.
  • The sponsor is warmly welcome to visit the sponsored child in the center
  • The sponsor get news about the child regularly by whatsapp or email 
Shared sponsorship

The following costs are for one child per month.

School costs: $50 or CHF 45

The school costs include school fees, transfer to school, salary for the driver, the uniform and the stationaries.

Accommodation: $40 or CHF 36

The accommodation includes the rent for the house, miscellaneous, electricity bill and the salary for the care givers.

Food: $30 or CHF 27

The food includes breakfast and dinner during week days and breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekend.

Extras: $20 or CHF 18

The extras include new clothes, diapers for the children who are in need, therapy costs for the ones in need and the health insurance.

Donation Account Switzerland

Bank Name: Post Finance

Account Name: AVUREFA Schweiz

Address: 8713 Uerikon

IBAN: CH59 0900 0000 1579 4292 3

Account Number: 15-794292-3



Contact person: Michelle Fässler

Whatsapp: +41 76 511 41 47